About GoBoat

GoBoat Venice is a Danish company. GoBoat Denmark started in Copenhagen in 2014 offering electric, social experiences on the water. The Danish company was founded by and is 100 percent owned by Kasper Eich-Romme, Carl Rand and Anders Ekelund Mørck.

GoBoat has 20 locations in the world with five in Australia, four in England and two in Germany as well as this one in Italy and in Sweden, three in Denmark and two in the US. Worldwide GoBoat operates about 220 rental boats.

GoBoat Venice works closely together with local authorities (harbor, police etc.), municipalities as well as several NGOs. GoBoat's approach in each locations is to fit in locally and partner with relevant business and neighbors.

Read more about GoBoat Italy as a company below.

Social boating

GoBoats are designed with the social experience in mind. Each boat fits 8 people with a picnic table in the middle to create the best social experience.

The Danish "hygge" is a big part of the experience - regardless of which country or location you are sailing in.

The social aspect is also part of GoBoat's culture as we know that happy colleagues result in happy guests.

GoBoat's work with sustainability

As part of GoBoat's DNA, sustainability is important for us. Sailing in clean water is just more fun. Therefore, we work on creating the smallest carbon footprint as possible and protecting the sensitive harbor environment.

We have chosen electric motors rather than gasoline ones. We lend fishing nets to children so they can clean up the water. We often do "clean ups" with various NGOs.

GoBoat culture

To ensure that our guests have extraordinary experiences sailing with GoBoat, our crew of friendly and helpful employees are carefully chosen based on their competences and knowledge and most importantly their great personalities. We work hard on creating the best culture where everyone feels included.

As a seasonal experience company with locations all over the world, we often do exchanges: Colleagues from Australia working in Denmark, Germany, Italy and the other way round.

GoBoat in Venice

Run your own GoBoat rental location

GoBoat is the first experience company in the world that offers a unique value proposition for our location partners. We offer a modern low cost boat rental setup that includes all aspects from boat production to IT infrastructure and marketing.

Currently we work with locations partners in Australia, USA, England, Sweden, Germany and of course Italy. We are in talks with several new partners in different countries - maybe you could be our next partner?