Frequently asked questions

Below you can find answers to the frequently asked questions about sailing in a GoBoat. We've divided the questions into several topics based on your situation, e.g. questions about booking and cancelations, about what to do before sailing, about what to do during sailing and about the rules of sailing and the waters. All the FAQs are based on our terms which has all the fine print. You can also use the search field to quickly find an answer.

Booking and Cancellation

Can I get a GoBoat without having booked in advance?

We are often fully booked, and we therefore recommend you book in advance to make sure you get a boat. You can book here.

But you are always welcome to come by our locations to see if we have openings.

How do I cancel my GoBoat booking?

You can choose to rebook until 72 hours before sailing. In your order confirmation email you’ll find a link to edit your booking. Please do this yourself.

You can cancel your booking and get a refund until 72 hours before departure. This can't be done automatically. Please read your confirmation email on how to get the refund. The process usually takes 10 working days.

If there is less than 72 hours to your trip, you cannot rebook, nor get the full amount refunded.

The 14 days right of cancellation does not apply to GoBoat bookings as per § 18, number 2 and 3 of the Consumer Contracts Act.

Does GoBoat offer a cancellation warranty?

Yes, you can purchase a cancellation warranty when you book your boat. With the warranty, you are free to cancel your booking up to 24 hours before your departure – regardless of the reason.

Without a cancellation warranty, our normal cancellation policy applies, which you can read above. The cancellation warranty does NOT cover fresh food items bought online, e.g. tapas, sandwiches or pizza.

You can add the cancellation warranty at the end of the booking. If you want to opt for the cancellation warranty, it must be purchased for each boat. So if you book two boats, you must purchase the cancellation warranty twice to cover both boats. The cancellation warranty cannot be cancelled or refunded. The warranty can be added if you book more than 72 hours in advance.

If you have opted for the cancellation guarantee and want to use it, please edit your booking no later than 24 hours before the sailing starts. If you need a refund, please check your booking confirmation email for details.

The 14 days right of cancellation does not apply to the Cancelation Guarantee as it commences as soon as you've booked.

How much does renting a GoBoat cost?

Our prices differ based on the date, time and location. Please check our booking system for accurate, up to date pricing based on your desired date, time and location.

How do I book a GoBoat online?

You can book a boat on our booking website. Please choose:
Location -> number of boats (each boat fits 8 people) -> number of hours -> date -> time -> your details -> payment by credit card.

Can I get a discount renting a GoBoat?

We offer various discounts. The longer time you rent a boat, the lower the price is per hour. Remember to divide the price by how many people you go out sailing to know the price per person. We do not offer discounts on booking multiple boats.

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How many boats do you have?

In La Certosa, Venice, we have 8 boats
All of our boats fit 8 people, including children and babies.

I can see that you are fully booked. Can I get on a waiting list?

No, unfortunately not. Be sure to book in advance.

Can I make a larger booking for a company or private event?

Yes, we offer different solutions that meet your needs. Read more here.

Before sailing

How early should I arrive for my booking?

Please arrive 15 minutes before departure to ensure that there is time for safety and sailing instructions.
If you show up late, you still need to return the boat at the same time so the next guests don't have to wait.

Where can I park?

The closest parking lot to Certosa is in Piazzale Roma, near the bus station. Once parked there, you can reach the Certosa by taking vaporetto line 4.1 to the P. Roma stop and getting off at Certosa Island (about 40 min).

Is it possible to use a bathroom before departure?

Answer coming soon!

Do I have to show a corona passport to go sailing?

No it’s not necessary. We encourage anyone with Corona symptoms to stay home.

Is GoBoat handicap friendly?

We advise that you be able to get in and out of the boats yourself, of course our staff will always be around to offer a hand. However, we don’t currently have any accessibility ramps.

Can I buy beverages and snacks at GoBoat?

Answer coming soon!

What if it rains, is windy or there is thunder ?

In the rain we recommend you wear waterproof clothing or bring an umbrella, in the wind permits it. We also sell biodegradable rain ponchos.
If there is thunder or lightening, our operations will still run as it is still considered safe to sail.
However, if it is windy, the boats will need more power to move and so will sail a little slower, meaning you won’t be able to sail as far. 
In the case of powerful winds, we reserve the right to cancel your trip, this is a safety precaution. In this instance you choose whether you would like to rebook, or get a refund. We will try to give you as much warning as possible and call you on the day of your sail.

During the trip

How many people can be in a GoBoat?

The GoBoat has a maximum capacity of 8 persons. This number also includes children and babies. There are NO exemptions to this ever. Some people call or write us to ask for an exemption. This never happens. So please don't ask.

Are life jackets included in the price?

Yes. Life jackets are included in the price.
Life jackets for adults are located in the storage compartment on the boat. We also have life jackets for children and babies. Please ask the crew as these are stored on land

Do you have life jackets for children and babies?

Yes. We have life jackets down to 5 kg. Children and baby life jackets are found on land. Please ask the crew for help.

Does renting or sailing a GoBoat require a certificate or license?

No, it does not. The GoBoat is easy to control. The only requirement is that the person sailing the boat is 18 years old and remains sober during the trip.

We will instruct you on how to sail before you leave (therefore you must be at our location 15 min prior to departure) and we'll send instructions by email when you book

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring your own food and drinks. There is a large table in the middle of the boat that makes it easy to enjoy food on board.

You can also order from us online when you book. Then we'll have your drinks and snacks ready for you at departure time.

Is it possible to get someone to sail the GoBoat for us?

No. A part of the experience is to sail the boat yourselves and to be your own captain.

Are there different boat sizes?

No. We only have one type of boat with room for 8 persons. The boat has a table in the middle so it is possible to enjoy food and drinks on board.

Are we allowed to sail in all areas of the harbor?

For safety reasons some areas of the water are not accessible by GoBoat. Check our map to see which areas are allowed to sail through and which are not. The areas marked with red a prohibited. You must stick to the tours we provide. Check our maps for an overview.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to close certain areas for sailing if conditions require us to. For example for safety or if the harbor administration closes an area for various reasons.

Do you have a storage where we can put our stuff while sailing?

No, we do not store personal belongings. Remember to only bring what you can bring on board. GoBoat disclaims any liability for personal belongings taken onboard – including electronics, clothing parts, etc.


Am I allowed to drink alcoholic beverages onboard?

Anybody captaining the boat may NOT drink alcohol at all. For safety and legal reasons this is extremely important. Non driving passengers may consume 2 units of alcohol per person. We we ask for moderation and good behavior.

Only beer, wine and ready-to-drink alcohol beverages are allowed. We confiscate spirits as these are not permitted onboard. Moreover, we confiscate large amounts of wine and beer. Confiscated alcohol is handed out after the voyage has ended.
We reserve the right to reject drunk guests before departure. Drunk guests won’t receive any refund. Remember, that the harbor is a public and busy place. Many residents live close to the harbor and the canals. And safety is most important - yours and everyone else's
Show respect and responsibility whenever you are in the harbor. See our alcohol policy here.

Is it allowed to smoke hookah onboard?

No, it is not allowed to smoke hookah onboard.

However, we do allow smoking cigarettes. It is important that butts are not thrown in the water or in the boat to preserve our aquatic environment and ensure a clean and pleasant experience for everyone.

How old do you have to be in order to sail the boat?

The person who steers the boat must be 18 years old. There is no age restriction on being a passenger in the boat.

Does it require sailing experience or a sailing certificate to rent a GoBoat?

No it does not. We'll teach you how to sail the boat and the rules of the water.

Is it possible to rent a boat somewhere other than your locations?

No, you start and end at the same location.

Can I drop off the boat somewhere else?

No, you start and end at the same location.

Can I bring my dog on the boat?

Yes, you can. We love dogs on the boats. However, we have no life jackets for dogs so dogs are brought onto the boat at your own risk.

Are bachelor/bachelorette parties accepted?

No. We would like to make the water accessible to everybody, but due to bad behavior and complaints we unfortunately no longer allow bachelor/bachelorette parties.

We reserve the right to refuse bachelor/bachelorette parties prior to departure even though the experience is booked and paid. All guests who are drunk upon arrival to the GoBoat rental station will be refused access to our boats and no refunds will be provided.

Is it allowed to go swimming from the boat?

Yes, you are allowed to go swimming from the boat. Our crew will let you know where on your route you can dip in the water or go swimming. It depends on your route and the weather etc.

Can we bring speakers onboard?

No, external speakers are not allowed on the boat. We must be mindful of our neighbors and the surrounding traffic in the harbor. We reserve the right to confiscate speakers until the sail is ended.