Gift card for GoBoat

Are you looking for the perfect gift that combines adventure, relaxation and an unforgettable experience in the Venice Lagoon? Then look no further! Our GoBoat gift cards are the ideal gift for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because, treat your loved ones to a wonderful cruise on the beautiful Venice waters. Delight your family, friends or colleagues with a maritime gift. Gift cards are valid for 3 years.

What makes a gift card for GoBoat in Venice the perfect choice?

Unique and thoughtful: Move beyond typical gifts. Offer a memorable experience, filled with laughter, stunning views, and the joy of navigation.

Flexible options: We offer a variety of gift card options, ensuring you have the perfect choice regardless of your budget.

Hassle-free booking: Using our gift cards is seamless. The recipient can book their boating adventure online at their convenience.

Gift card for GoBoat Venice

A nice trip on the water with quality time and presence in focus. There is room for 8 people in a boat. The gift cards in Venice are valid for 3 years and can be used during all days of the week. You'll receive the gift card by mail. Snacks and drinks can be purchased by the recipient of the gift card at the time of booking.

Family time gift card

xx euro

Take the kids on a fun and educational trip on the water, including a delicious picnic basket.

The package consists of:
1 hour of sailing
1 picnic basket

Enjoy gift card

cc euro

Take your friends out on the water with a focus on community and fun. You'll have plenty of time to explore Copenhagen canals and enjoy your picnic basket while you're at it.

The package consists of:
2 hours of sailing
1 picnic basket

1-2-3 hours gift card

From 79 Euro

A lovely trip on the water with a focus on quality time and intimacy. There is room for 8 people in a boat. Food and beverages can be purchased by the recipient of the gift card when booking.

The package consists of:
The gift voucher only includes sailing time.
Snacks and drinks can be purchased when booking or at check-in.

Experience 'hygge' on the water

  • Cozy and intimate: Our boats are designed to foster closeness, making them perfect for romantic dates or quality time with family and friends.
  • Spectacular Scenery: Imagine drifting slowly through the canals, seeing the city's iconic sights and experiencing its charm from the water.
  • Safe and fun: No prior boating experience? No worries! Safety is our priority, and our easy-to-navigate boats ensure everyone has a fun time. No license is required.

Perfect for any season: Nature is ever-changing, and there's no better way to experience it than from the water. From the lush landscapes of summer to the golden hues of autumn, sailing gives a unique view of the city's beauty. Even in early spring and late autumn, snuggle up with provided blankets and bring your hot beverages for a cozy boating experience!

Family and pet-friendly: We believe in making memories with all your loved ones, which is why our boats are family and pet-friendly. Children will delight in the adventure, and your furry friends are always welcome aboard!

GoBoat Family with kids in Copenhagen

Photo: Simon Padovani