Picnic break at Sant'Erasmo and enjoy bird sanctuaries, artichoke gardens & historical sites

Experience a 3-hour exploration of Venice's Lagoon

Highlights of the 3-hour route

On this route, you'll have time for about 45 min on the Sant'Erasmo Island. Embark on a captivating sailing tour through Venice's lagoon, where you'll pass the rarely submerged tidal lands of Barena, cherished by nesting lagoon birds. Discover the historical Lazzaretto Nuovo, where ships once quarantined for 40 days during the Black Plague. Discover Sant'Erasmo, Venice's renowned vegetable garden famous for its delicious artichokes. Enjoy a relaxing break with a picnic on Sant'Erasmo, where you can indulge in local sandwiches and refreshments from Supermercato Vignotto before heading back to La Certosa. You can bring your own food as well.


Lazzaretto Nuovo


45 min picnic on Sant'Erasmo


Navigate easily with this map

Navigate through the Venice Lagoon with our map. Take a look at the sailing area and your route to prepare yourself for a great trip on the water. You'll also find the map attached to the picnic table in the boat. In the boat, you'll be able to follow our route digitally as well to ensure the safety of you and fellow travelers on the water.

Rent a boat in La Certosa near Venice

It's easy to rent a boat in Venice with GoBoat. Just book online and show up 15 minutes before the booked time at La Certosa. The person renting must be 18 years old. We recommend to book online but maybe you're lucky that we have available boats.

Seen all the touristy sights? Do you want your own experience on the Venice water? Then the GoBoat experience is perfect for you!

We'll teach you how to sail and instruct you about the rules. No license required. Have a look at how sailing a GoBoat works.

Rules and information about renting a GoBoat in Venice:

  • Our opening hours are from 10.30 am to sunset
  • 8 people per boat. No license or prior experience needed. 2 items of alcohol permitted per person - none for the captain
  • A GoBoat's speed is about 3 knots (5-7 km/h) so you can focus on each other and the Lagoon's sights
  • Online rebooking until 24 hours before departure. Refund available before 72 hours before departure.
Merchandise and picnic on GoBoat

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